Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Hotkey Manager

This is one of my farvorit scripts right now.
It's a UI that let's me create hotkeys, menus and triggers very quickly..
I haven't completely finished it yet, put my plan is to use this UI to setup Maya to work more intutive..
For example, having hotkeys and menus change depending on what i'm doing at the moment..
The idea is to create a faster workflow by letting Maya guess what I might wan't to do now, depending on what i did before, and then change my hotkey/menu setup.
It also let me setup Triggers very quickly, which are commands that automaticly run when 'things happens'.. For example, to have a script that runs each time a new transform node is created or when a connection is made...

Monday, 2 April 2007

Camera Navigator

Uses a Photoshop-like control to pan/zoom the 3d-view.
The camera never moves or changes perspective, it's just like zooming/tracking on a 2d picture.
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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

History Tweaker

A simple script that lets you go back in the history, and change earlier stages of a model..
The changes will be added to the object Construction-History.
This might also be useful for when creating blendshapes.
Watch the Video!
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First Version of CodeNode

A Screenshot of my first version of CodeNode, at a very early stage.
The concept is use connections and 3d-objects to generate code.
In this way, lines of code can flow from object to object, creating a more dynamic code-structure instead of the linear text-file-structure, and making it more fun to be a scripter :).
As shown in this very simple example, the height and width of 'pCube1' controls the height/width of the window to the right. 'kodeNode1' is getting some code from 'deleteWinNode'.
Maya handles the creation and deletion of connections, and automaticly execute the final code.
Right now, i'm only testing the idea in Maya, but my plan is to make it a stand-alone application.