Wednesday, 28 March 2007

History Tweaker

A simple script that lets you go back in the history, and change earlier stages of a model..
The changes will be added to the object Construction-History.
This might also be useful for when creating blendshapes.
Watch the Video!
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matt said...

very intersting mikkel, would you mind sharing a little bit of the technique behind?.
Will you share the script in the future or is it for personal professional use only?

anyhow it's pretty sweet


Mikkel Jans said...

It's for personal and professional use only.. But the scripts is very simpel and easy to replicate.
The sliding tool works by setting the object history nodes 'nodeState' attribute to 'hasNoEffect' when going backwards, and to 'Normal' when going forward.
To create the 'tweakerObject', I just copy the mesh and connect the copied mesh in/out attributes inside the orginal mesh history.. So the tweakerObject works like a 'tweakNode' inside the orginal mesh hisotry.

The only problem is that the you can only go as far back in history as the mesh has history-nodes.
But im thinking about creating a 'history backup' script using Python and the MMessage class to automatic save any newly created history nodes to a database.. But I don't know how much it's gonna slow down Maya.