Monday, 2 April 2007

Camera Navigator

Uses a Photoshop-like control to pan/zoom the 3d-view.
The camera never moves or changes perspective, it's just like zooming/tracking on a 2d picture.
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RedForty said...

Very cool. Where can I get it?

Mikkel Jans said...

I created the script for KMA (, they own the rights, so I can't show you the code.
But it's created by parenting two planes to the camera.
The inner plane controls the camera preScale, horizontalFilmOffset, and verticalFilmOffset attributes with an expression.
It can be a bit tricky to make all the things work together.

Zili said...

Thanks for writing this.

firas3d said...

wow.. i was planing a similar script..but since u did it, u pushed me to code it this night .. its finished and i agree that its a little tricky. (when one change the focal length)

of course, credit will go to u Mikkel :)

i'll post it soon on